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FAQ's about Winterizations:
by Jerry Everist on October 7th, 2022
Signing up for Winterizations: If you need to get signed up for a winterization, head to www.bendblowouts.comHave a Package?: If you have already purchased a winterization as part of your irrigation package at he beginning of the season, you do not need to sign up again. Doing so will start sending you automated messages to make a payment for your winterization that you didn't need to sign up for....  Read More
What is a Man-Hour? [Explained]
by Jerry Everist on January 24th, 2020
We commonly get the question of, "What is a Man-hour"? While most home services companies bill by the hour they forget to tell you that they actually bill by the "man-hour." Even if they did tell you that, you probably didn't know what they meant when they said it. I am going to fill you in on what a man-hour is and how you can calculate what your bill is going to be. It's pretty simple.  Read More
What Is The Cost Of Repairing A Failed Backflow (Double Check)?
by Jerry Everist on January 20th, 2020
Nothing is more frustrating than having your backflow assembly fail its annual inspection. You start wondering, how in the heck did this happen and how could I have prevented it? Most the time, it is something that you cannot prevent because it is typically something that is out of your control. Luckily, most failed backflow assemblies are repairable so they don't need to be completely replaced...  Read More
Top 11 Questions You Should Be Asking Before Purchasing A Mowing Service
by Jerry Everist on January 20th, 2020
So you need some help maintaining your lawn. We get it. Lawn care can be time consuming. Especially if you are located in Central Oregon. Our spring clean-up and fall clean-up weather can be brutal so it’s no wonder we might want to hire someone to lend us a hand. And don’t even get us started on the snow. Although we Oregonians are typically prepared for inclimate weather, sometimes it comes out...  Read More
How much does it cost to install a sprinkler system at my house?
by Jerry Everist on January 8th, 2020
As most irrigation system are very different from one another, you will see below of what you can expect for an irrigation system to be installed and how it isn't a straight across the board quote for every site. This is what is going to change your project costs the most. All sites are different in the layout and these items below will dictate the costs of your irrigation system.  Read More
Preparing your landscape for Spring in Bend, Oregon [Checklist]
by Jerry Everist on January 8th, 2020
Spring is around the corner. You’re getting excited to fertilize the lawn, rake up any remaining leaves and pruning back the Crab Apples. Early Spring is also the best time to get your irrigation system in order. Turning the irrigation system on is important to do before you need water to be applied to your landscape. When we turn on irrigation systems, we like to do it way before anyone needs...  Read More
How much does it cost to maintain my irrigation system?
by Jerry Everist on December 19th, 2019
Irrigation systems are fairly inexpensive to maintain. Just like most things, regular maintenance is required. Some you can do on your own while others require a licensed and experienced contractor do the work. In the Spring, for the most part, is the time that typically requires the most maintenance. Over the winter months, irrigation equipment can be damaged by snow removal equipment and he...  Read More
Do I need to test my backflow (double check) in Bend, Oregon?
by Jerry Everist on December 12th, 2019
Every year most of us get a notice to get your backflow tested. Depending on your water company and how they institute a backflow prevention program, you will need to either test your assemblies or they will test it for you. All of which, is tested for a fee. Whether the water company charges you via your monthly water bill or you pay a licensed tester. Residential water systems typically protec...  Read More
4 easy ways to protect your sprinklers from the freeze before they have been blown out in Bend, Oregon.
by Jerry Everist on November 21st, 2019
Every year we get that early cold snap that has many people worried that their systems are going to break and spill water everywhere. The temperatures dip into the 20's or 10's at night or you see your lawn covered in ice when you wake up. Here a couple of pre-winterizing techniques to keep your system for freezing. Step #1: Do nothing. The ground is a great insulator for your irrigation system.  Read More

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