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Do I need to test my backflow (double check) in Bend, Oregon?

Every year most of us get a notice to get your backflow tested.  Depending on your water company and how they institute a backflow prevention program, you will need to either test your assemblies or they will test it for you.  All of which, is tested for a fee.  Whether the water company charges you via your monthly water bill or you pay a licensed tester.

Residential water systems typically protect their water services with two backflow prevention assemblies.  One assembly is typically at the water meter and another is typically at the irrigation system.

If you radiant flooring and/or a residential fire suppression system, you may also be required to test your assemblies that protect your drinking water from contamination.  

City of Bend Water

Residences that receive water from the City of Bend typically only have to test their backflow that is connected to your irrigation system.  The City of Bend will send out a notification each year for those needing to complete an annual test.  Even though many wait until they receive a notice to contact a company to test their irrigation backflow assembly, they can be tested before the notice arrives.  This will help you stay compliant and have your test completed before the test deadline.

While most residences that are delivered water by the City of Bend have a backflow assembly just after the water meter, they are not required to test this assembly.  The city has chosen to test these assembly's on their own and have incorporated the cost of testing those assemblies into your water bill.   

Agate Water

Agate Water services primarily the Deschutes Riverwoods neighborhood.  They typically are requiring the domestic backflow assembly be tested.  This is the assembly that is located just after the water meter.

Avion Water

Avion Water is a difficult water district for me to figure out what assemblies need to be tested and which don't.  If you need to complete a test with them, it is recommended that you contact Avion directly to find out what assemblies need to be tested.  

I have been out to places where just the backflow assembly at the water meter needed to be tested.  Others where the domestic backflow and the irrigation needs to be tested.  

In most cases, Avion will take care of testing their own backflow assemblies after the water meter, and will not make you test your irrigation backflow assembly.  

Roats Water

Roats requires your irrigation backflow assembly to be tested if you don't have a backflow assembly after your water meter.  So if you have a backflow assembly after the water meter, they are not going to require you to have you irrigation backflow assembly tested.  


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