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Landscape enhancement projects are all different.  They can be the some of the easiest projects to complete while they can also be some of the hardest jobs to complete.  Having an experienced contractor do the work can alleviate some of the headache when it comes to revamping your landscape.  Trying to figure out where underground irrigation pipes are located requires experience. Everist Irrigation technicians specialize in working with existing irrigation systems and are knowledgeable in common install practices.  We have the tools to help us find where irrigation wire is buried and know how to dig up and discover how and where irrigation pipe is laid out to preserve the integrity of the system.
Re-route Around House Addition
New Front Lawn and Irrigation Enhancements
Move Valves and Wire For a Deck Addition
Moved Valves and Pipe For New Green House

Enhancement Case Study: Sod Removal/Replacement  and Irrigation Revamp

The Project Cost: $3,434.17

In July of 2018, we worked in some extremely hot temperatures to get this project done.  Working in 100+ degrees Fahrenheit isn't that fun for us and it isn't that fun for freshly cut sod.  This project took about 4 days to complete as we had to remove approximately 4,000 square feet of lawn.  After the sod was all removed, we made adjustments to the irrigation system as necessary to increase water coverage and uniformity. This included installing new heads, adding a head to an area that needed one, repairing pipe, extending pipe and removal of heads that were redundant.

About 10 yards of soil was also installed to help level areas to allow for proper drainage and run-off.  

This system was installed by the original homeowner.  We figured he didn't have much experience because the sprinkler head spacing was all off and didn't cover the area efficiently.  The current owners were having to drastically over water just to keep the lawn semi-green.  After spending a lot of money in water, they just gave up on the lawn.  With two little kids, the family wanted a place for them play outside that was safe provided a soft landings for when the kids fell down.  
Sod removal

Enhancement Case Study: Adding Irrigation and Lawn to An Existing Landscape and Irrigation System

The Project Cost: $12,503.10

Installation of 11,000 square feet of sod.  Extensive site prep by pruning trees, removal of burns, removal of rock.  Installed 4 additional high efficiency irrigation zones.  Adjusted the current irrigation system to accommodate the new enhancements. 

Pricing for Enhancements and Remodels

Below are the two pricing structures we typically use for Enhancement and Remodel projects.

Enhancement/Remodel Bid (Flat Fee) Pricing

For larger projects that require sod or other landscape materials (rock/soil/plants), we like to offer a Flat Rate Bid for those projects. We feel it is important that you know exactly what the price is going to be before we start the work. These projects are are typically over $1,000 dollars.

Receiving a Flat Fee bid is a great for most instances. You are hiring a contractor that should already know what a project is going to take and should check off all the potential problems. When we offer a Flat Fee Bid's you'll have the confidence to know that if our plan didn't work out, you don't owe anything else other than the original agreed upon price.

If our client wishes to change something or add more work to the project, then a quote will be supplied before the additional work will be started and a price has been agreed upon.

Enhancement /Remodel Time and Material Pricing

Time and Material pricing is exactly how it reads. Whatever time it takes us and material needed to complete the work will be billed accordingly.  

These projects are typically less than $1,000.00.  This pricing is typically used when we are working on a "Homeowner" or "Farmer" installed irrigation system.  These are normally not installed using quality professional materials.  They also tend to be missing components or undersized that prohibit certain expansions.  We work on "Homeowner" and "Farmer" installed systems often and so we are adept to troubleshooting problems as they arise.

The hourly rate for our Irrigation Technicians is $125.00/hr per man hour.  Prices for parts vary from $0.13 to $300.00 dollars.  

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