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Hi Jerry,
I will definitely be recommending you to my friends as I already appreciate your fantastic communication!!
Other companies do not provide info on early freezes, updates on when they are coming or even a confirmation of appointment for blowouts, so you guys ARE WAAAAAY ahead of the curve.

~Matt M., Bend, OR
"We moved to Bend in the spring of 2011 and had never lived in a house with a sprinkler system before. The one in our new house had several problems. We talked to several services about working on the system and got the best vibe from Jerry. He came over and got everything fixed up and working properly replacing heads and adjusting flow rates to make the system work the way it should. Since then he's been our guy to call to winterize the system and when problems arise. Where a lot of people would try to up sell their services Jerry has taken the time to show me how things work and how to do simple adjustments and repairs including replacing a cracked T in the buried PVC pipe. I paid less than $10 for all of the parts needed to do the repair myself and was able to successfully repair the leak. I suspect most places would have given me an estimate for the work rather than encouraging me to at least try to do the fix myself.

We've been very happy with Everist Irrigation and recommend them to our friends and neighbors."

~Tom S, Bend, OR
"The irrigation system for my new house had numerous problems.  Many of the sprinkler heads were poorly positioned, had too long or too short coverage distances, or just poor coverage in general.  Of the four businesses that examined the system for an overhaul, I felt Everist Irrigation had the most knowledge and expertise.  So I could see for myself, Everist Irrigation actually demonstrated on my system how water pressure can differ within a sprinkler zone and how various nozzles and heads can simultaneously save water and provide ample coverage.  All recommendations were given with a thorough explanation: it was like an impromptu tutorial.  After Everist Irrigation installed the system, they honored their guarantee on workmanship by returning to make minor adjustments.  I will now use them for any future maintenance needs."

~ P. Smith, Bend, Oregon  (Phone number for reference upon request)