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Spring  Irrigation Start-Ups

Starts @ $85.00

Get things pointed in the right direction

In the spring let us come start up and check your entire system. We will examine all of the heads to ensure that they are not leaking, broken, clogged, and are pointed in the right directions. We'll walk the entire system, look for wet spots that might indicate a broken pipe and repair it before it destroys your landscape and wastes water.

How much is the service?

The service for systems up to 5 zones is $70.00 for al a-carte pricing.  Each additional zone is $5.00.  [Example: ($70.00 for the first 5 zones) + (2 additional zones x $5.00) = $80.00]

What will be inspected on the Start-Up?

  • Heads - Make sure that all heads are upright and pointing the right direction to water desired areas.
  • Controller - Program the controller so that it is ready to water for the season (timer access is required).   Ensure there are no rouge programs and excessive start times.  Check and adjust the seasonal water adjustment. 
  • Nozzles - Clear debris from nozzles that aren't flowing or deviated.   Replace if needed.   
  • Valve Boxes -  Uncover valve boxes to inspect for leaks.
  • Valves - Inspect the valves for operation and electrical function.  Look for leaks around isolation valves that might cause damage over time.
  • Fittings on the valves - Inspect for leaks at mail adapters and for stress applied by existing roots and stress from installation.
  • Solenoids - Troubleshoot solenoid failures using electrical testing equipment.
  • Wire connections - Inspect wire splices to ensure splices are water resistant to prevent corrosion of the wires.  Corrosion will reduce the flow of electricity through the wiring, causing the valve not to actuate.  
  • Backflow device for water leaks.  This does not include a backflow test for functionality that is required by your water company. (click here for backflow test information)
  • Isolation Valves - Look for functionality of the isolation valve to ensure that it isolates water during the winter time.