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What is Landscape Lighting??

Landscape lighting is an extension of the beauty that we seen in the garden. It transforms what we see during the day to a dramatic, romantic, even mysterious scene. Life is brought to a landscape that would otherwise appear dark and dormant. Interesting branching patterns appear from the sculptures that only nature provides, along with the textures and colors of tree bark. Flowers come to life, as do enchanting garden pathwayslit with soft pools of light. Walls are illuminated showing interesting textures. A fountain or statue in the heart of a garden becomse the focus of attention.

Why Light Up My Landscape??

A garden can be an extension of the inside of a home. Patios and pool areas can now be used for entertaining, dining or relaxing at night.
Safe passage through the landscape at night is a major benefit of lighting. Steps, abrupt changes in a path's direction or elevation, and low branches can be illuminated.
A well-lit landscape dissuated potential instruders from coming on the property and gives you a sense of safety and security.
Arriving home at night, you are greeted by the welcome sight of your garden and home. Light creates an ambiance, and it naturally gives you sense of well-being.
Lighting affords you the opportunity to see a return on your investement both day and night.